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Miami-Dade, Broward
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“I am a lifelong dog-lover”

EDUCAN’s Approach

EDUCAN specializes in cognitive-emotional dog training, which refines your dog’s cognitive, social, and emotional intelligence. This method takes advantage of all their abilities in a coordinated fashion to modify their behavior. The management of emotions and emotional intelligence are the pathways to a better relationship between pet and pet parent.

  • Training is complete when your dog is motivated out of their affection for you rather than by selfish goals, like gaining access to food or toys.
  • Actions are taught not only by associating the behavior with positive or negative stimuli but also by actively ensuring your dog’s understanding of the goal of the training.

About the Trainer

I am the head of EDUCAN Dog Training’s Miami delegation. I discovered cognitive emotional dog training in 2003 while studying animal behavior in multiple European cities. Since then, I have trained hundreds of dogs, always strengthening the bond between pet and pet parent. I hope to share my behavioral expertise and make families with pets as happy as training their pets made me.

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We are first-time dog owners, and thanks to Eliana from Educan our experience has been very well educated. At Educan you’ll find all the support, techniques, and tips for teaching, loving, and enjoying your four-legged member of the family. I would recommend Educan 100%.

Angie Teixeira

As a retired curriculum support specialist, it was quite evident to me who really needed EDUCAN services... As a result of the focused approach used by Ileana and her team, my life and Maxx 's life are all the better. I recommend this training the reason being the warm and caring treatment with real RESULTS!

Cathia Darling

Desde hace unos meses estábamos teniendo inconvenientes de comportamiento y agresividad con Nabuco nuestra mascota! Después de una ardua búsqueda logramos encontrar a Educan representada por Eliana, una mujer increíble y con un sentido de amor hacia los perrros admirable! Si experienc A me permitió entender el comportamiento de mi perro y las acciones para corregir lo que venía ocurriendo. Ahora puedo pasear a mi perro sin problema de que se encuentre a otro perro.!! Gracias educan! Y gracias Eli, nos apoyaron a encontrar la mejor manera para compartir con nuestra mascota sin tenernos ningún problema

Claudia Espitia

We were so blessed to have found this company a few short months ago! We were a bit weary bringing people into our home, but we couldn’t be more comfortable with our two trainers- Eliana and Adriana. They are so sweet and kind to our dog and our family. I would give them more than 5 stars if possible! They are always attentive and work around our busy schedule, come every day with a positive attitude, and work diligently to help our dog develop crucial knowledge and comfort. I will strongly encourage all my close friends and family to use EDUCAN’s services.

Mariah Hendricks

As a first-time dog owner there was so much about my pup I didn’t know or understand, but after my training sessions, I can honestly say I feel more confident in the bond and relationship we are building together. Eliana from the very first phone call was extremely compassionate, supportive, and understanding of my concerns. She was very thorough during and after all our training sessions and made sure to take the time to answer all my questions and really listen to what I had to share. I would highly recommend Educan and her services! Thank you so much.

Maria Ayala

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