FetchMyVet Affiliate Program

Join a network of enthusiastic, pet-supporting businesses who earn rewards by referring their clients or customers to FetchMyVet.

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Earn Rewards

FetchMyVet partners with many pet-supporting businesses to reach clients in need of veterinary care. Once you join the affiliate program, you will be able to refer your clients to FetchMyVet, and in return you will receive rewards based on when your referral completes their appointment. By joining the referral program, you align yourself with a community brand while you help your clients get the veterinary care they need and deserve.

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  • Payments are posted on a monthly basis after your referral completes their appointment. Payments are subject to change and average $25 for each completed visit.
  • Please note, if your affiliate payments exceed $600 you will need to complete a W-9 form for tax reporting purposes.
  • In accordance with applicable law, this program shall not apply to any other provider of veterinary services or goods, or those who otherwise engage in the practice of veterinary medicine.