The Club for Pet Parents

Bundle and save on care for your little one with a customizable subscription plan that combines the pet care they need, with the price you deserve.

How To Get Started

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    Ask your veterinarian

    if your pet is a good candidate for fetchClub during your appointment.

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    Review and customize

    your vet-recommended fetchClub plan to optimize care for your pet.

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    Sign up and smile

    knowing your pet is receiving the pet care they need to stay healthy year-round.


Which Plan is Right for You?

fetchClub Basic

Basic preventive care for your pet in the comfort of home.

Most popular!

fetchClub Prime

Our most popular plan with the core care to keep your pet happy and healthy.


fetchClub Junior

Essential care for young puppies and kittens to build their immune systems and keep them healthy.


Plan details

Ask your veterinarian which plan is right for you!

Features Junior Basic Prime
In-Home Visit and Exam 4 1 3
Telemedicine Consultation 2 1 2
Core Vaccines All All All
Deworming 4 1 2
Fecal Profile 3 1 2
Parasite Screening 1 1 1
Complete Blood Panel - 1 1
Ear or Skin Impression 1 - 1
Nail Trim 2 1 2
Discount on Other Services* 10% 5% 10%
$77.99 /month $43.99 /month $73.99 /month

*In-Hospital Services are not eligible for discounts.

Want to add more to your plan?

Add-ons are plan specific. Ask your veterinary team which add-ons make sense for your plan.

  • Complete Blood Profile

    Complete Blood Profile

  • Ear Smear or Skin Impression

    Ear Smear or Skin Impression

  • Nail Trim

    Nail Trim

  • DNA Test

    DNA Test

  • Non-Anesthetic Dental

    Non-Anesthetic Dental

  • Telemedicine Consultation

    Telemedicine Consultation

  • Urinalysis


  • Influenza


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